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CP#50 Operation Blücher Originally BLUCHER. I have converted the Kaiserschlacht offensive Combat cards into regular Action cards, à la Brusilov or Kerensky Offensive; Rather than requiring one card to activate units around the map, and the Combat card to give one of the combats the Kaiserschlacht bonus, I felt the action for the round should be entirely focused on the Offensive. It will facilitate playing the Offensives in close succession, while not allowing two of them to be played simultaneously, which is also more in accordance with the historical sequence of the operations. The three cards will be available to the German under the historical condition of a negotiated peace on the Eastern front, but plausible alternative use in sub-optimal circumstances is also possible, albeit with diminished force (reduced number of Kaiserschlacht cards available). Use against spaces in Germany (and to a lesser extent in Austro-Hungary) is not restricted because it represents the emergency resources and desperate energies summoned to counter an invasion of CP home territory.

The possible Kaiserschlacht patterns (excluding counterattacks on CP home territory) will be:

1 -(Historical and optimal): Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in the East, Michael/Blücher/Friedensturm against West.

2- Blücher against Russia followed by Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, then Friedensturm against West.

3- Blücher against Russia.

4- Blücher/Friedensturm against Russia.

See variant 9.5.6 Kaiserschlacht rules.