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CP#47 French War Weariness Originally FRENCH MUTINY. Historically, the French Mutiny was prompted by the disastrous failure of yet another grand offensive, added to the strain of a protracted indecisive war. In the original rules, the representation of the mutiny is very abstract, both in its causes and effects. It is correlated to no particular circumstances, so a lucky CP draw can spark off the French Mutinies as soon as Total War is triggered (frequently 1915), and even if the Allied military situation is very auspicious. The discontinuity of the effect (on the average, one turn on every three) has no correspondence whatsoever to historical reality: the mutinies completely took out the French Army’s offensive capacity until it later regained confidence due to positive changes in leadership management and military situation.

The variant approach to the question introduces “War weariness” as a prerequisite, linked to both military stalemate and war duration, and triggers the actual mutiny on the occasion of a failed offensive. Its effects will then be continuous unless morale is boosted by American presence or significant military success on the Western front is achieved. The event is now playable only after Summer 1916. See 9.5.5 French Mutiny (variant).