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CP#37 Hoffmann was a brilliant German strategist, and a key contributor to the victories of Tannenberg and Masurian Lakes. In 1917 he was handed command of the Eastern armies as Chief of Staff to Prince Leopold and led the victorious offensive operations against Russia.

The original effect of the card is to add a +1 to all CP MO die-rolls. In substance, it merely negates one of the AH Mandatory Offensive results (besides adding 1 to War status). It does not affect Germany since the German MOs have already been cancelled by the prerequisite play of H-L take command

The readjustment of Austro-Hungarian offensive aggressiveness in late war, through the +1 modifier, is certainly historically justified. I have, however, included it in the new Bread Riots & Labour Strikes in Austro-Hungary variant card, which deals specifically with the Dual Monarchy’s decline, and since I associate Hoffmann’s name more to German successful offensive operations than with Austro-Hungarian military posture, I converted the event into a prerequisite for the use of Offensive cards against Russia. I did not maintain the Hindenburg & Ludendorff Take Command prerequisite for Hoffman, since I believe that if the Field Marshal had remained in command of the Eastern Armies rather than be appointed Chief of Staff, Hoffmann would still have been able to impact prominently on the course of events, as he did in 1914 under Hindenburg’s command.