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CP#27 Zeppelin Raids Zeppelin raids over Britain caused insignificant material damage; as a weapon of war the Zeppelins proved themselves unsatisfactory and their greatest achievement was to tie up enemy squadrons in home defence. The raids proceeded from January 1915 to august 1918.

For a simplified representation of the raids’ effect, the original card proposed a one-time, condensed effect. In substance, it will wipe out the British replacements for one turn. Unfortunately, this B-52-like drastic effect can (and, in game terms, should) act as an effective combo if used in conjunction with a powerful offensive against the British forces in France, which does not relate to historical reality whatsoever.

I chose to convert the effect into an REP attrition spread over a 3-turns period, representing the peak of the bombing campaign in a less unrealistic way. Under its variant form, it will hamper a profuse British REP production but won’t prevent a minimal flow.