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CP#24 Lybian Revolt event is, I believe, seldom played. It could be useful once the Allenby offensive against Palestine is launched, in late war: the diversion of a corps, or more, to deal with the nuisance could momentarily lighten the pressure on the Turks. This, however, wouldn’t be very plausible; a defeated, agonizing ottoman empire would have found it hard to instil the spirit of revolt among its sympathisers.

On the other hand, playing the event at the historical time of occurrence is unlikely to cause much dismay among the Allies and is probably not worth the Ops/Rep trade-off.

To increase the chance of seeing the Senussi hit the map at the right period, I have added an incentive (concurrently the Turk can do with a little help). As a counterpart, the event will no longer be playable once the Ottoman strongholds in Palestine have crumbled – with the Turks undoubtedly on the loosing side.