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CP#13 Falkenhayn Takes Command Originally FALKENHAYN. The event can only be played under one the following conditions:

1) once the German War Plan has failed –Moltke is dismissed and Falkenhayn is appointed Chief of Staff, as it happened historically after the German setback at the Marne.

2) If Paris has been attacked – a failure entails the dismissal of Moltke, a success gives the German High Command overwhelming confidence that offsets Moltke’s pusillanimity and opens new strategic options for the pursuit of the campaign.

3) In or after 1915, as the new parameters of the war require a new leadership. In addition, Falkenhayn may not be played during the same turn as a successful Joffre vs Moltke to simulate the momentary crisis and prevent the CP player from circumventing without delay its adverse effects.


Note that the Cancelled War Plan condition can only apply if War Plans were in effect, that is, if "Guns of August" was played as an event. If it was not, Falkenhayn will only be playable in or after 1915. Had the CP ruled out the Schlieffen plan (no Guns of August), their alternative would have been a more straightforward, less ambitious approach, aiming at obtaining victory through decisive battles on the borders; penetration in Belgium would only have been considered as an outflanking of the French forward positions. This more conservative conduct of the war would have had both sides less exposed to the dramatic crises that changed the face of war (>Limited War). The emergence of the new strategic options opened by War Status 4 would have been delayed.