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AP#58 Bread Riots and Labour Strikes in Austro-Hungary NEW CARD. This is the only card that is not based on an already existing one, even though the idea was brought up in the Player’s Guide optional card suggestions. I definitely felt that the moribund Austro-Hungarian Empire should not be allowed a steady replacement flow and aggressive military posture in late war. As the war evolved, situation deteriorated irreversibly and complete collapse was prompted by the staggering defeat against Brusilov. I therefore made "Brusilov Offensive" a prerequisite for the event in addition to being playable in or after 1917. This event will also handicap the unpleasant CP strategy of bypassing big events to recycle the juicy cards, because most AH replacements gained in that way will be lost.


The AH(IT) exception to the Attack Activation penalties allows tardy offensives such as the Battle of the Piave River, prompted by German demands and fought in June 1918.