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AP#52 Convoys removed the VP award because I felt cancelling the U-Boots Unleashed effect seemed just quite right and enough and a VP loss was disproportionate. In addition, it makes it very tempting for the CP player to withhold his U-Boots in order to circumvent the VP loss. The unrestricted submarine warfare campaign was a desperate move from the German High Command, which unlike the players was unaware of its fatal consequences. Bypassing the U-Boots Unleashed event hurts historicity, because the U-Boot campaign is the key element of a chain of events that unfold linearly in the card deck -and ultimately leads to the USA declaration of war-, so I don’t feel it should be encouraged.

In addition, since I chose to grant an USA Reinforcement card with a VP award (see card #43) and wanted to preserve the VP balance, The Convoys VP seemed to right one to scrap.