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AP#48 Allied Tank Corps French Army fielded several hundreds of excellent FT17 Tanks, whose design was considerably superior to that of their British counterparts. Units were operational in May 1918, and were put to good use during the Allied counterattack. In the game, they seem to be unduly ignored, outshined by the British RTC. I changed the event so that it would cover the action of the French Armoured Corps as well, allowing it to be used in conjunction with attacking French armies during or after the Summer of 1918, even in addition to the British attack.

A paradoxical effect of the original Trench-negating effect, is that the Tanks had absolutely no effect on an unfortified clear space, which is supposed to be their most favourable operating grounds. In terms of relative efficiency, the use of the event was most profitable against level 2 Trenches (since it would cancel both levels).

To correct this little inconsistency, I have converted the effect into attacker-favourable column shifts, so that the level of entrenchment actually hinders Tank efficiency. The event is now playable in or after 1917 only.