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CP#2 Encirclement

Originally WIRELESS INTERCEPT. This card corresponds to the envelopment manoeuvres of the Tannenberg battle.

However, preserving the event for later use, with stronger stacks, can be a lot more gainful. It can sort of duplicate the von Hutier event and devastate a Russian key position. Yet, the striking success of the Tannenberg encirclement, represented by the card, was due to a series of factors linked to the geographical situation and early stage of the conflict, which are not necessarily valid later in the war, deeper into Russian territory: the Russians were incompletely mobilized, caught off-balance by an overhasty attack into unknown Prussian territory; the Germans were able to redeploy efficiently through use of their national rail net and easily deciphered Russian early war message encryption.

To refocus the event on its historical time of occurrence, I have chosen to limit it to the Allied Mobilization period.

I changed the name because the Russian wireless interception was but one of the many factors that contributed to the Russian defeat. The double envelopment manoeuvre, or Encirclement, was the prominent feature of the famous battle and seemed a more relevant denomination.