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AP#16 Romania Declares War card may not be played if Vinnitsa or Zhmerinka are under Central Powers control. If the Central Powers had gained a significantly advantageous position in the Russian territories neighbouring Romania, the Romanian government would in all probability have refrained from joining what would have appeared to be the losing side – historically Romania opportunistically joined the Allies only after Brusilov’s victory had irretrievably shattered the Austro-Hungarian in the East.

Neutral Entry Event Cards may only be played ONCE for OPs, RPs or SR. If a Neutral Entry Card is played a second time it must be played as an Event. This restriction aims at preventing the AP player from capitalizing on the non-commitment of his Allies. If the card cannot be played as an event and has already been played once for Ops, REPs or SR, it cannot be played at all, but may be discarded at the end of the turn.

Note that the original Romania card depicts the 1965 flag of the Socialist Republic of Romania : )