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Paths of Glory is a card-driven strategic wargame covering the First World War in Europe and the Near East, from its outbreak in 1914 to its conclusion. Card play is at the heart of the design and adds an elaborate dimension to the traditional infrastructure of the game. The system has since turned into a reference: inventive and well-designed mechanisms have made Paths of Glory an acclaimed masterpiece. Simple abstractions elegantly simulate the main aspects of the war and the chain of card-based events provides historical flavour to the course of the game. The restricted capacity to activate units, which adequately portrays the limitations of headquarter planning and supplies availability, and the coexistence of several distinct fronts, are two features that combine to provide the players with a rich scope of strategic dilemmas. IMG/jpg/Sturm.jpgThe map division into zones and a low counter density permit a quick appraisal of the overall situation. This favours sharp, chess-like playing, and allows a fluid and interactive game, that can be completed within a reasonable time.