Le Banquet des Généraux

The "Banquet des Généraux" is a Circle of Gentlemen Wargamers. We congregate in Brussels: we provide an arena for hardcore veterans and are available to initiate enthusiastic newcomers. Conviviality and fair-play are favoured over competition. We are open to all domains of History: our selection criterion for a game is its overall design quality. Our approach to wargaming is rigorously simulationist, and is a complement to research and study.

IMG/jpg/BG1.jpgSome of our favourite games, in spite of their obvious qualties, propose historical interpretations and/or simulation mechanisms that fail to fully satisfy our expectations. In accordance with our penchant for precision and exactness, we endeavour to produce variants that reflect our own analysis of historical reality, and hone them through playtesting. We share them on this website to submit them to constructive comments, and hope they can be of some use to our fellow wargamers out there.